Customized Sessions


Stress Reduction & Entrainment

In this session we will find and correct energetic imbalances in the body. Based on quantum physics and fractal mathematics this technology reveals the “stressors” affecting your physical health at both a conscious and subconscious level as well as any mental, spiritual or emotional imbalance by calculating the biological reactivity and resonance in your body. The body and mind are then entrained to healthier patterns allowing them to rebalance towards homeostasis. When your body is more balanced energetically, it can heal itself. 

You will be able to choose an area of your wellness to focus on, such as stress and anxiety, pain and injury, trauma and emotional blockages, muscular re-education and sports enhancement, anti-aging, or other stress-related conditions such as insomnia, hypertension or depression, and much more. 

By the end of this session, we will have entrained the stress responses specific to you with an emphasis on your area of focus. Leaving you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and balanced knowing that you have taken a significant step in retraining the patterns of stress.

85 Minute Entrainment $150


Stress Reduction & Entrainment Follow-Up Sessions

 In these sessions we will be going deeper into retraining the stress responses to healthier patterns. We may continue working with the previous area of focus or as we go deeper and start releasing more layers we may start working with the deeper issues that may begin to surface.

The results you can expect will be similar to the above, however, by going deeper we will do much deeper entrainments, having a much more sustainable impact on the area you have chosen.


The longer a client has held certain stress patterns which are causing them pain or illness, the more sessions they may need to begin re-balancing or re-training those patterns and reactions. 

We recommend clients make a commitment to their health by investing in multiple sessions in order to truly see and feel the results.

The process of biofeedback is to help the body remember the balanced and stress-free state. When it is entrained to the healthier patterns of a relaxed state, the process of self-regeneration often happens naturally. 

Package of Five 55 Minute Entrainments $425

Biofeedback is a training program, therefore a block of sessions is vital to new patterns being integrated. This package is offered at a discounted rate to help make the benefits of Biofeedback training more accessible.



A Quantum Biofeedback scan is quick, easy, non-invasive and affordable. It gives valuable feedback as to whether your body systems are operating in normal range and also indicates any areas of weakness, vitamin/mineral deficiencies or imbalances in your body systems. By knowing this you can take steps to give your body the cellular support it needs to stay healthy and have more energy! By addressing any nutritional deficiencies and making changes in lifestyle and diet you can also monitor your improvements. It is a valuable tool for your good health.

A Nutrition Session includes the following:

  • A Biofeedback health scan with the Indigo biofeedback device
  • A Biofeedback entrainment to balance vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and the digestive system
  • Health & wellness guidance with lifestyle & possible nutritional, vitamin and mineral recommendations based on the results of the scan

Package of Three 55 Minute Entrainments $300


Spiritual Resonance

The focus of these Biofeedback sessions will be on aligning, clearing and opening the chakra centers, clearing the auric field, releasing blockages on the mental and emotional bodies, supporting the body with flower essences and Liquid Light Frequencies specific to your current needs, and working with programs on the spiritual level to align with and shift into higher vibrational states of consciousness.  

Science has proven Biofeedback effective in the area of personal self development. Quantum Biofeedback works on both the conscious and the subconscious level where small and subtle changes have a profound effect.  As old limiting patterns are released, higher vibrational states can be integrated. 

Package of Five 55 Minute Entrainments $500


Enhanced Learning

Studying for an exam? Learning a new language, skill or instrument? Or maybe you wish to support your child's learning; this program is excellent for any age!

The Biofeedback Superlearning Program combined with Biofeedback Brain Synchronization (balancing of the Left/Right brain hemispheres) delivers a powerful method to increase your learning and retention capabilities. Improve skills such as communication, motivation, comprehension, emotional maturity, memory, analytical and more with the Enhanced Learning sessions. Study your material during the session (in clinic or at home for distance sessions) to create a very powerful association in the mind with the content of the material you are studying. Or, simply book your session at any time for improved overall learning ability.

Package of Five 55 Minute Entrainments $500


Beauty and Anti-Aging

Rebuilding from the inside out! Quantum Biofeedback addresses over 25 factors that are involved with the aging  process. By identifying and reducing the stressors at the cellular level that contribute to premature aging, your cells’ innate natural abilities to heal are accelerated, thereby releasing toxins, repairing damage and regenerating healthy tissue.  As you progress through your series of anti-aging  treatments, you can see your progress, as well as feel it.  


Each Anti-Aging Session includes a client specific entrainment of aging related factors followed by a Silver Electro-Face Lift for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and reversal of lines.

A Beauty and Anti-Aging Session includes the following: 

  • Balancing the 3 “ages” of your body: Energetic Age Reaction, Tissue Age Reaction, and Overall Metabolic Age.
  • Stimulating the natural production of various hormones that help slow down the aging process and help regenerate healthy tissue - parathyroid hormone, growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin, and thymus hormone.
  • Support for your metabolism, nutrition assimilation and elimination, circulation, detoxification, as well as correcting degeneration energy patterns in order to slow and reverse the aging process. 
  • Entrainment of several other aging related factors to slow and reverse the aging process: DNA and RNA, Collagen, Elastin, free radicals, calcium in tissues, fatty acids, sun damage, even emotional tension and your belief systems about aging as well as supporting the body with anti-aging specific nutrients and natural formulas.
  • Silver Electro-Face Lift for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and reversal of lines. We can focus on the entire face, or zero in on particular areas of concern such as forehead, eyes, chin, cheeks, lips, or neck.

Package of Five 55 Minute Entrainments $500


Sport and Peak Performance

Quantum Biofeedback has been used with both professional and Olympic athletes for over 30 years. It's ability to improve mental focus, mind-body control and overall sport performance is well documented. Quantum Biofeedback has been used successfully for injury prevention while monitoring for early warning signs of distress. When injury occurs Quantum Biofeedback has been proven to dramatically accelerate healing and recovery times. The system measures the athletes's own reactions using their baseline as the control rather than a "norm". As a result each athlete's individual needs can be ascertained and corrected proactively.

A Sport and Peak Performance Package includes the following 5 Sessions:

  • Coordination Stimulation
  • Oxygenation Stimulation
  • Flexibility Stimulation
  • Mind-Body Focus
  • Muscle Building

Package of Five 55 Minute Entrainments $500


15% OFF Sessions by Long-Distance

All customized sessions may be booked as a Remote/Subspace healing session at a discounted rate.

How does it work?

A distance Indigo Biofeedback session works according to quantum physics. Everything in the universe is made up of particles and all these particles vibrate. Between every particle there is space (called subspace). All matter vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency resulting from electric charges of the particles at the atomic level. The quantum level electromagnetic fields of the human body, including conscious and subconscious energy forces, have been measured and proven to extend beyond the confines of the human body. 

The Indigo sends vibrations out into subspace to locate your personal pattern and vibration. What makes the Indigo unique and very powerful is the connection that is made between the device and your subconscious since it is the subconscious that is aware of everything that is going on within your body at that point in time. Moreover the subconscious has access to the total history of trauma that has occurred within your body. 

It is a good idea to be relaxed during the session time, either resting or meditating. We will connect via email and/or phone at the beginning of each session to discuss any concerns you would like addressed for the session and again at the end of the session at which time we will discuss what we worked on and the results of the session. 


Deepak Chopra wrote "To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body-cells, tissue, organs and systems----and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect." 

85 Minute Entrainment $125

All packages are prepaid  and non-refundable. 24-hour notice is required to change or cancel appointments. Appointments that are changed or cancelled without the proper notice will be charged at the normal rate.